Paroli Betting System

Paroli is a great betting system and this system has been used for last century, and the effectiveness of this betting system is much higher than other systems. This is totally opposite than martingale betting system and in this betting system you do not need to chase the loss for getting the winnings. Using this system, player can use the house money for winning more; you do not need to use your own money for larger winnings. This is the system broadly used in gambling but you must know that like other betting systems this system will not help you increase your winning odds of a casino game.


You have to choose your favorite casino game that you want to play and then try to use this betting system. You can use this system in most of the casino games but craps and roulette are the best for this because these 2 games has even money bet (black or red bets if roulette and pass line bets of craps). When you choose your game then you have to make your base betting amount and the highest limit for winnings.

As an example of stable betting, you can start from the $5 bet and you will use this system for 3 wins at a time. The total procedures are listed below for your learning's:


When you win 3 rounds of the game then you are at your highest limit so you need to start from your base betting amount, and start from the beginning again:


The worst case that can be happened with this betting system, that if you lose you will only lose $5 but if you use martingale system then you will lose every term until you win and when you will a bet then you will only win the base betting amount.

Problems of This System

This is not a system what can ensure you that you will win and you must know that there is no system that can change the chances of a casino game. Casino always has higher edge and you will always have less edge than the casino.

You will win a lot when you are winning in a game by using this system but if your luck does not favor you then this system will help you to minimize your losses in the game. Though, there is no such time, that will make you winners or losers for all time, every round of a game has its own probability so there is no cause that you will have your own time for winning and losing.

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