Variants of Black Jack Tables

blackjack tables

Black Jack is one of the favorite casino games of many players. It is not surprisingly as players have to make decisions, which influence the result. Black Jack is quite straightforward, wherein you need to get hand that is as close to 21as possible, but don't go over it. This is the main rule of the game but the struggle between casino house and players led to numerous game derivations and rule variations. The variety of Black Jack tables makes players study rules and work out systems before playing the game. These slight differences can appear to be crucial for the game result.

Black Jack Switch

Among the most popular Black Jack tables played online there is Black Jack Switch. The major difference is that you play and bet with two hands. One more peculiarity about the game is that at the beginning of the game players can switch 2 cards on the top of each hand that is why this version of Black Jack is called Switch. Then, two hands are treated and played separately from each other and the standard rules work. The dealer hits if he holds a soft 17.

Double Attack Black Jack

double attack

This variant of Black Jack is played with cards of six or more decks without the tens. It is a big disadvantage for players, so there is the bonus payout scheme that compensates it. The rules are different as well: you see the up card of a dealer and can bet that he will go bust if he takes the next three cards. In the case you are right you will be rewarded with extra money. The amount of payout depends on the cards dealer gets. All other rules are standard.

Spanish 21

spanish 21

This variant of Black Jack tables is considered to be the most profitable and exciting. The house edge at this game is quite low that is advantage for players. To play Spanish 21 six or eight decks are used. Each deck contains 48 cards and don't have the tens. For this reason some rules are player friendly. For instance if both dealer and player hold Black Jack, the winner is the player. Among advantages there are late surrender, doubling and redoubling, resplitting of Aces etc. Moreover, if the player gets Black Jack with certain combinations of cards he will be given bonus payouts.

Crazy Eight

This game is known as Black Jack in the UK; however it has nothing in common with it. Players get 5 cards each and the rest of the cards are on the table. The top card is up. The goal of the game is to discard the hands by matching with the suit or number of the car that is taken from the rest deck.

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