Parlay Betting System

Blackjack can be played by using Parlay betting system. When you use Paroli system, you have to bet all your winnings for the next bet but this parlay is quite different than paroli system, you have to bet a fraction of winnings with your base betting amount. This is a progressive quality betting system and you can call it as Let-It-Ride system also. For Martingale betting system you need high bank roll but for parlay you can use any amount of bank roll. Unlike other systems, this is a safe system for bank roll and that is the benefit you can't get from other systems.

How it Works

Parlay system

This is a positive progression betting system. When you make a bet and win the bet then you have to increase your betting amount in next bet. This system can provide huge benefit if you can use it in blackjack and this is also known as pyramid system because after each win you need to increase your betting amount with adding a fraction of the winning amount. As an example, suppose you are playing the blackjack and $1 your base betting amount.

When you win the 1st round you will win another $1 so total $2. You can bet $2 in the next round of the game or you can bet $1.5 and you win again then your total amount will be $3.5 but if you bet $2 then total amount will be $4 and that way it going on. The fraction that you want to invest in the next round must be decided by you because you are playing the game. When you lose a round then start from the base betting amount and try the system again. You must have a higher limit for winnings that means if the base bet is $1 then higher limit can be $10 and when you reach $10 then you will start from the beginning.

When to Use

This is a system that will provide the highest safety for your bank roll than other systems because when you lose a round then you have to bet the minimum betting amount for the next rounds until you win a round. There is a question, when you have to stop. Though, this is a total opposite of martingale so if you bet all your winnings in the next rounds then you can lose a round at anytime and lose all your winnings so it will be better for you if you keep a fraction after every win you made and bet the rest amount in the next bet and that way you can win a lot for a few rounds you win.

Blackjack is a game where you can use strategy and brain to change the outcome of the game so when you know that you have greater winning chances in the next round then you can bet higher and if you are not sure then you can bet a fraction and that way blackjack will provide exciting feelings in playing and parlay will make sure that you win most of the time and lose only a small amount every time you lose your bet.

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