Chinese Blackjack

chinese blackjack

Chinese blackjack is a popular version of original blackjack and Hokkien or 21-point is other popular names of the game. This version has a lot of similarities with the original casino based blackjack. Dealer is used to deal the cards and usually 1 deck of 52 cards is used to play but there are many regions where 2 decks of 52 cards are also used to play the games. The number of deck varies on the player's numbers and playing rules and every player of the Chinese blackjack table is playing against the dealer not to other players.


The main difference between the original blackjack and Chinese blackjack is the opening of the game, and to play the game, players have to place their bet and after completing the bet, dealer shuffles cards and every player receives 2 cards each and both cards are faced down for the players. There are some other differences between these games and they are not identical but effective to verify these games and those differences are given below:

Rules to Play the Game

  1. All face cards like the Js, Qs and Ks have the same value 10.
  2. Cards from 2 to 10 have their own face value.
  3. When the player has 2 cards then ace can be valued as 10 or 11.
  4. If the player has 3 cards in hand then ace can be valued as 10 or 1.
  5. If the player has 4 or more cards then ace will only be valued as 1.

When the deal is completed including dealer, then everyone of the deck has to check their hands for exceptional winning options and those are given below:

When a player has 2 aces then that will be called Ban-Ban and the player will win the bet as triple of the betting amount. If the dealer gets Ban-Ban then he wins the game and all bets will be tripled if other players do not get Ban-Ban or free hand.

If a hand of 2 cards has the point 15 then that hand is called as free hand. If the dealer gets free hand, then dealer does not need to pay for any Ban-Ban and if dealer has free hand then the game will be closed and new round will start. If a player gets free hand then it is that player's choice whether he continues or not.

If a player or dealer gets ace and any face card or 10 then that is called Ban-Luck and that player or dealer will win twice their betting amount if dealer does not has Ban-Luck or Ban-Ban or free hand. When dealer gets Ban-Luck then every player has to double their bet unless they have Ban-Luck or free hand.

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