Double Attack

This is a unique version of original blackjack and this game is based on the main rules of the game but there are many differences between the original and derived version of the game. There are many rules that change the version from the original game and make the version more exciting and thrilling to the players. This is the version that will provide more exciting feelings to that you can't get from original blackjack or any other version of the game. There are some traditional casinos where you can play this version of the game but in online casinos, this is quite popular and available.


The main difference between the derived version and original blackjack is the deck's numbers. It will need 8 Spanish decks to play the game and each Spanish deck has 48 cards excluding the 10 cards. Other differences will be found when you start playing the game. After completing the betting of each player dealer starts to deal the cards to the players. Dealer starts dealing with him and that will be his faced up card and dealing other cards to players, players have the authority to do the Double Attack. By this player can increase his betting amount as his original betting amount.

When a player splits his cards then he will have an option to match with his bet for double attack but if player completes double attack later then player needs to double the bet to the original bet. When a player calls the surrender then that player will get back half of his double attack betting amount. When every player completes their double attack bet, dealer will deal 2 cards to every player. Players can hit, split, double down, insurance or stand by checking their cards, when dealer up the hole card, then winner will be determined.

Rules to Play

  1. This game is played with 8 Spanish decks, and each deck will have 48 cards excluding 10s
  2. Dealer has to stand on the soft 17
  3. If the player takes insurance then dealer usually peeks to blackjack
  4. If anyone takes insurance then payout will be 5:2
  5. Double down is available after splitting.
  6. Aces can be split for single time and after that players or dealer will get a single card only.
  7. Except aces, pairs can be split as many times as the players or dealer want.
  8. Even money will be used for payout.
  9. Players are allowed to surrender or double down anytime they want, and they can even do that after splitting.
  10. Re-doubling down is not allowed in this game.

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